You are (at least) two with the photographer!

With your belly growing each day, this is an exciting time waiting for your newborn! And as soon as the baby is born, time flies. Small hands, the first laugh . . .  with patience and know-how, we capture all these very special moments.


Tips for baby and baby-belly portraits:

The perfect time for baby-belly photos is around the 35th week. The belly is big and beautiful, and anytime after that it can be more and more challenging. (And babies can also come early!)  Remember to set an appointment in good time!


Whether you are alone or with your partner, come to the studio relaxed and lighthearted. Siblings are also welcome. Bring clothes that show off your baby bump. If you want to show more skin, don't put on tight clothes before arriving. It is important that you feel comfortable.


Once the baby arrives, bring him or her to the photo shooting fed and well-rested, so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Of course, you can take short breaks during the shooting, we can take our time!


Mornings are ideal for an appointment. Avoid coming with the little ones in the evening. You don't want  them to stay awake all night!


You can also bring different clothes and personal accessories. Keep in mind that too many changes will stress your child. Two outfits are fine.


We photograph both newborns (starting from week one) as well as older babies. For the little ones, the best time is when the umbilical cord has fallen, and for the older ones when they can lift their head. When they are older, it is nice when they can crawl or run.


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