Delete the pictures!

Delete the pictures!

It is a very simple gesture, and yet it is very difficult for most people: the selection of photos and even worse: the deletion of photos.
Everyone knows this: 2 weeks of vacation and already there are 250 more photos. Of course one is more beautiful than the other! Basically no problem in times of cloud services.

Since the negative film is a thing of the past, we have digital photos in abundance, are flooded with digital content and still do not dare to part with even just a small part of it. But the photos do not become more valuable, the more one has of them. It is the selection of the right moments that tells a story, makes it come alive.

Today we try to put you in the right mindset: only the best is left! And from then on there is no wrong decision, all images are well chosen. Keep yourself the best!

Simply put, you think! What a hassle, you think!
After 20 years of experience as professional photographers, we naturally have some tricks that will make it easy for you to make a good choice.

– Assess the technical quality of the photos: blurred, over- or under-exposed photos will be deleted immediately. And also those where the finger of the photographer can still be seen on the lens.
– From each scene you have 20 pictures? Decide how much you want to keep per scene. Often one takes the same motif from different angles and perspectives. According to experience, the 2-3 best recordings are enough.
– Composition: of all the photos, which ones appeal to you especially in the composition? What is the design, the background of the picture? Are elements that bother you? These questions will help you on the right path.
– Expression and emotion: Choose the images that have a strong emotional effect and convey the desired atmosphere and mood.
– Variety: Try to select different aspects of the topic. Variety does not mean many photos, but different motifs that perfectly describe the moment.
– And very important: don’t wait too long until you make your selection of photos. Otherwise you don’t do it afterwards.

And if you have now found your best-of, how about making a a beautiful album?