The living room is not a photo studio! A tour of our professionnel studio in Luxembourg…

The living room is not a photo studio! A tour of our professionnel studio in Luxembourg…

According to the motto “I can do it myself!” There are numerous failed attempts to recreate a photo studio at home. But a professional photo studio is more than just a room – it is a creative space where memories are created, customers can develop – moments are captured here, emotions are recorded and stories are told. Last but not least, it is also a room that technically meets the requirements of photography.

A professional photo studio needs space, in length, width but also height. That’s why, as a photographer in Luxembourg, I can’t just open my professional studio in my living room. In a photo studio, professional equipment and backgrounds are available to create optimal lighting and conditions for photography. Here are some important points that cannot be missed with a photo studio:

Equipment: Photography studios are equipped with high-quality camera equipment, lighting systems and tripods. A professional photography studio needs a ton of power outlets to power flash systems, fan heaters, etc. Tripods are needed for brighteners, shadowers, decors and reflectors. A photo studio needs many small accessories such as pliers, wooden blocks, glue, glass plates, matte and gloss spray to do justice to the different photography genres. It needs backgrounds, fabrics, wallpapers in different colours. A photo studio needs a photographer with a slight penchant for material fetishism!

In addition to the right material, the most important thing is light! Since not only daylight in Luxembourg changes daily (but is also influenced by sun, rain, snow, clouds…), a high-end photo studio not only offers daylight images (outdoor photography), but also weather-independent studio shots. To do this, we work with professional lighting options, including soft-boxes, flash units and reflectors to control shadows and lighting effects. The flash units hang from the ceiling, so there is plenty of space on the floor for a perfect and professional photo shoot in the photo studio. Children can run around, parents feel comfortable. There is enough space for everyone.

A photo studio is not just about technology, but also about the relationship between the photographer and the subject. The photographer’s ability to capture the personality or portray the essence of a product is just as important as the technical aspects. A photo studio needs a cozy atmosphere, coffee, cookies and enough time.
It takes a desire to work and creates a pleasant atmosphere for models and customers… A photographer needs patience and sensitivity when working with people. There are big differences whether we book a professional model or photograph an amateur. Children, parents, grandparents and group pictures require a lot of psychology. So that your feeling of well-being doesn’t suffer when you arrive, we offer parking spaces directly in front of the photo studio. Since the entrance is at ground level, the wheelchair user can enter just as easily as the child with the bobby car.

Whether for personal memories, professional purposes or artistic projects, a photography studio offers the necessary resources and expertise to create high-quality photographs. It is a place where the photographer’s creativity and the client’s imagination come to life.

See you in the photo studio!